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WordPress fix Reply To: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by williampatton, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. williampatton


    Reply To: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file, by williampatton


    This sounds to me like a file is trying to run at that contains errors and those errors first become a problem at that specific line of the loading process.

    You could try and enable debug mode in the wp-config.php file in the root of the WordPress install. You may need to use ftp to access that file.

    Once you get that file look through it for the line that contains ‘WP_DEBUG’ and set it to true. Also add another line for the ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’ and set it to true as well. It should look something like this once your finished:

    // Enable WP_DEBUG mode
    define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true );

    // Enable Debug logging to the /wp-content/debug.log file
    define( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true );

    After you make those changes and upload the file try to reload the page again, there may be more information on it. If it’s the same error page then try access the debug.log file it will create inside the /wp-content/ folder.

    If neither of those give any more information about what file is causing the error then login to your hosting panel at your webhost and look to see if there is any kind of error log available to you there. It will likely have some more information about the problem that happens just before that error message is sent to the browser.

    Reply To: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file

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