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WordPress fix Reply To: Pages that were working fine have now disappeared

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by harmonytherapieslondon, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. harmonytherapieslondon


    Reply To: Pages that were working fine have now disappeared, by harmonytherapieslondon

    Thank you for the info. I know the Codex page, and understand the principles.

    Yes you are right, my landing page (or the URL) for Services is http://www.harmonytherapieslondon.co.uk/services/
    but what the page is showing is wrong.

    My Services tab in the Menu acts as a link, which is supposed to point to the page (http://www.harmonytherapieslondon.co.uk/services/). This page normally has a masonry grid on it created with Final Tiles. This grid consists of 4 sub-services:
    -1:1 Nutrition Consultations
    -Boosting Vitamin Injections
    -Weight Loss
    -Diagnostic Testing

    Those are the pages I am missing.

    So for example the first sub-page (that I am missing) -1:1 Nutrition Consultations, has the URL http://www.harmonytherapieslondon.co.uk/services/11-nutrition-consultations/

    The next -Boosting Vitamin Injections, has the URL http://www.harmonytherapieslondon.co.uk/services/boosting-vitamin-injections/

    and so forth.

    Again, it is those very pages that are missing!
    If I type in any of those URLs I just get the message: Oops! That page can’t be found.

    This is what does not make sense to me?.. as I can see the pages on my Dashboard.
    Looking a bit like this
    -1:1 Nutrition Consultations
    -Boosting Vitamin Injections
    -Weight Loss
    -Diagnostic Testing

    I have checked the permalinks and re-set them all. My Services page has also always been set as the Parent page. Like I said, the whole system used to work perfectly. I haven’t changed or altered anything. Only the problem I have is that now my Service sub-pages display the ‘Oops! That page can’t be found’ page.

    On top of this existing problem is another issue. The issue is that if you go to my About page (found in the Menu), only about one third of the information about me is there. The rest is missing. I haven’t done anything to it or changed it.

    If you go the Health Retreat page (also found in the Menu), again here, my whole page is actually missing now. Again I haven’t done anything to it or changed it. So technically pages should not just be missing for no reason.

    To get back to the original topic, my Services Landing page is just showing a page of three services. These three services also feature on my home page http://www.harmonytherapieslondon.co.uk/, where I placed them originally just as an overview that I like to show potential clients on my actual home page – But they are not actual links pointing to anything.

    The only tab that is supposed to point to something is the Services tab in the Menu, which should point you to http://www.harmonytherapieslondon.co.uk/services/ where you will see the masonry grid of my four sub services.

    Hope this clears things up! Again thank you so much.

    Reply To: Pages that were working fine have now disappeared

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