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WordPress fix Reply To: Pages that were working fine have now disappeared

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by judgerookie, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. judgerookie


    Reply To: Pages that were working fine have now disappeared, by judgerookie

    Just so i can get a better understanding and hopefully we can fix this;
    From the menu, I believe this is your landing page for Services:

    the three services are:

    also in the main menu, the Health Retreat link goes to: http://www.harmonytherapieslondon.co.uk/services/scandinavian-health-retreat/
    but looks like it needs to go to: http://www.harmonytherapieslondon.co.uk/services/health-retreat/
    is this correct?

    If this is correct, did you have links on your Services landing page or were they part of the drop down menu under Services?

    I’m assuming your menu in WordPress Dashboard looks or should look like something below:

    • About
    • Services
      1. Health Retreat
      2. Full Body Health MOT
      3. 1:1 Consultations
    • Blog
    • Health Retreat
    • Contact

    And these are all your published pages plus HOME page (Health Retreat in menu is to the same page in Services?)

    Reply To: Pages that were working fine have now disappeared

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