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WordPress fix Reply To: Mobile version loads forever

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by sebastianxxxxxx, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. sebastianxxxxxx


    Reply To: Mobile version loads forever, by sebastianxxxxxx

    Thanks, unfortunately, I cannot post the links because they belong to the company I work for and I need authorization to do that, so I followed your advised and checked the .htaccess file, and they were different but with good reason…

    domain1.com .htaccess file had Rewrite Base //
    domain2.com .htaccess file had Rewrite Base /2/ this is because I installed WP in domain2.com/2 so thats why it showed up like that.

    So at this point I figured it was something related to installing it in the root directory… so I did install it in domain2.com and it didnt work either… it works if I install in any directory other than the main directory… my work around was to install in a directory and then put an index file redirecting visitors to the folder where I installed WP.

    A fresh install of WP has the same thing “rewrite base //” and it does work on mobile so my guess is something is wrong with my static home page…

    any thoughts?

    Reply To: Mobile version loads forever

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