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WordPress fix Reply To: mobile scaling doesn’t work at all

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by destination22, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. destination22


    Reply To: mobile scaling doesn’t work at all, by destination22

    Hi @williampatton,

    Thank you for clarifying this, this is the first time I have ever used wordpress and I thought that what was showed with the mobile preview, was what I would see on any mobile.

    The site that I would like to make is more of an informational site with mostly articles consisting text and some pictures. But the theme’s I’ve tested made the text so small on mobile devices that it is almost impossible to read.

    I would really like to find a theme that looks decent on desktop, but is easy to read on mobile (normal sized letters and no distracting sidebars visible on mobile.

    If you have any suggestions of theme’s that are good for artikles on modern high res mobile screens. I wouldn’t mind spending a few € (or $) on a premium theme if that’s better.

    Thank you for helping me out!

    Reply To: mobile scaling doesn’t work at all

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