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WordPress fix Reply To: Missing a temporary folder.

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by rahvee, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. rahvee


    Reply To: Missing a temporary folder., by rahvee

    When you see the “missing a temporary folder” error, it just means wordpress was unable to write to the temp folder – either because it’s not defined, or because the user nginx or apache httpd runs as doesn’t have write permission in the target directory.

    The problem could be permission bits (you can try chown or chmod on the target directory) or selinux or apparmor.

    First, figure out what directory the system is trying to use (described below), and then check what user the web server is running as, and check the permissions on the target directory. If permissions look good, consider if selinux is enforcing by running (as root or sudo) sestatus and if it’s enforcing, you might have to change the target directory’s selinux context. If you’re on a debian/ubuntu variant of linux, you might have apparmor running. I don’t know how to check status on that one; you’ll have to google it or something.

    If you want to confirm which directory your wordpress is using for temp, there might be an easier way than this, but I was able to edit wp-includes/functions.php, find the function get_temp_dir(), and everywhere it says “return” stick a line just above it to display what’s getting returned. You can use error_log(), or echo, or print.

    Reply To: Missing a temporary folder.

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