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WordPress fix Reply To: media upload fail

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by tetontrekker, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. tetontrekker


    Reply To: media upload fail, by tetontrekker

    I had probs with the windows server the very first day and Godaddy let me switch over, but it was within a few days.

    WP had been been able to create the folders before that, what changed? With me it was that some time ago GoDaddy moved me to a different server. Either the old absolute path had been auto forwarded then GD turned it off, or WP started processing it different. It was likely GD. It might be worth a peek in your Database, just in case the GD rep was wrong.

    I found it in the Database Table: wp_options.

    When I Googled the Problem I found that there is/was a place in the WP settings -> media to change the path but I did not have that option on my version, which gave me the clue to look in my DB.

    Hopefully either of our issues will help the next person with this prob.

    Reply To: media upload fail

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