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WordPress fix Reply To: media-template.php should NOT have ‘H1’ tags

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by ragtech, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. ragtech


    Reply To: media-template.php should NOT have ‘H1’ tags, by ragtech

    The core file was only modified to see if it resolved the issue… which it did. It was driving me crazy as I always (as good old fashion best practices) use only one ‘H1’ tag per page.

    So, then I came across the ”media-template.php” ‘H1’ tag and made the change just to see… I mean even if I left it that way it would have been replaced in any core update most likely. Besides we’re just talking about an ‘H1’ tag… If just that would break WordPress; then boy do we really have issues.

    It may be just me, but I don’t see why an ‘H1’ tag is necessary there anyway. An ‘H2’ would work just as well as a ”Drop files to upload” message.

    BTW; Yoast claims (Just as W3C does) – Using one ‘H1’ tag is still a good/best practice; even with the onset of HTML5.

    ‘H1’ is the title of the page or the blog post, and you should only use it once. The other headings can be used multiple times, as long as it makes sense. It’s a hierarchical structure, so before you use H3, you should have used H2…

    It is worth noting that in their examples and their tutorials… W3C says to utilize only ONE instance of H1 per page.

    Reply To: media-template.php should NOT have ‘H1’ tags

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