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WordPress fix Reply To: media-template.php should NOT have ‘H1’ tags

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by ragtech, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. ragtech


    Reply To: media-template.php should NOT have ‘H1’ tags, by ragtech

    Google it… there may be some differences of opinion here and there… But generally, Google looks at h1 tags as clues to what the page’s content is about. If you have multiple h1 tags with different keywords then it is difficult for Google to contextualize the page.

    Best practice: one h1 tag with the keyword or theme you are trying to optimize for.

    Also when I use Indexability check by Ryte / Yoast https://en.ryte.com/lp/yoast/ It shows multiple H1 on any one page as an error and suggest that it be fixed.

    So why would WordPress want to add to this problem with H1 tags that show up in the page code like with this media-template.php file does?

    Reply To: media-template.php should NOT have ‘H1’ tags

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