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WordPress fix Reply To: Media Library – Unusual Error

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by jvmedia, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. jvmedia


    Reply To: Media Library – Unusual Error, by jvmedia

    @jaymanpandya There is space on the server. What we tried last night was putting up a fresh WP install on a test folder on this server. We ran an export from the old WP site and an import to the new one. We’d previously tried importing a backup of a DB from a couple months ago and that didn’t work – so on top of everything, I think there’s some DB corruption going on with the main site. Anyway, the media uploader works fine on this new site. Doesn’t solve the mystery of what exactly happened here. Another odd thing was that we went back through the web stats on the server and there were thousands of 500 server errors on some months, and then almost none other months.

    We’re still riding the host to look further into it because if we go to the trouble to completely set up a fresh site, delete the old one and move this fresh one live and then the whole thing happens again, that will be bad!

    In our searching for a solution (before posting here), we tried searching the web and would find things like this https://stackoverflow.com/questions...a-library-async-upload-php-stuck-at-crunching but none were solved (and as a side note, mod-security is enabled on our server).

    Reply To: Media Library – Unusual Error

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