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WordPress fix Reply To: Media files not visible in library

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Veerle Verbert, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Veerle Verbert


    Reply To: Media files not visible in library, by Veerle Verbert

    hi, np!
    and attachments won’t work indeed, my bad. you’d have to post a link to the screenshot (don’t bother

    You could try other browsers first if you want (Firefox, Opera, ..)
    Do you know something that might have changed since the last time the media library worked normally? (a new plugin, a new theme, some updates, …)

    I could be dead wrong, but I’d guess something on your site (maybe a plugin, maybe something in your theme) is triggering an error on the edit-post page. Preventing the media library to show correctly.

    To turn off the plugins, go to the admin page and choose Plugins (left side menu). Normally you’d see a list of all plugins you have installed and you can see the ones that are activated. You can then check them and deactivate all, just remember which ones were activated so you know which ones you have to turn on again

    I’d turn them all off, and then recheck the edit page. If the error is still here: the plugins aren’t the cause and you can turn them all on again. If the error is gone: it was one of the plugins. You could then turn them on one by one, keep rechecking the edit-page to see which plugin caused the error;

    Reply To: Media files not visible in library

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