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WordPress fix Reply To: malware

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Hurricane1, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Hurricane1


    Reply To: malware, by Hurricane1

    My WordPress website, http://www.braudits.com, has been hacked. I know that hacking can take many forms, so allow me to explain exactly what’s going on, in detail.

    On my laptop, when I logon to my website, for a moment I can see the top third of my Home Page, but then it disappears and the page is blank and remains so. My address simultaneously changes from the above to a series of numbers and letters.

    On my iPhone 6, when I use the Safari app and select my website from my favourites list, again for a brief moment I can see my Home Page but then it very quickly morphs into a cornucopia of advertising. Sometimes I get a notice informing me that I’ve won some prize or other.

    When I switch from Safari to Firefox it gets worse! Instead of the blank page, I get a blue page with text that strongly suggests that I use the telephone number to call Windows (something, or other) or all hell is going to break loose with my financial data etc. There is also a drop down demanding my username and password.

    Last night I found two unwanted Users on my site, which I removed. I downloaded a three different security plugins and scanned my site and set up a firewall. I then checked my website on both devices and everything seemed back to normal.

    This morning it’s back. What can I do?

    Reply To: malware

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