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WordPress fix Reply To: Lost

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by gonenativeus, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. gonenativeus


    Reply To: Lost, by gonenativeus

    Yes, I have been in touch (?) with Bluehost numerous times since the end of September. Thank you all for the suggestion. I have called, chatted and emailed back and forth with several different Bluehost people. They are obsessed with a thought that I am a business; I am not a business therefore I do not have the documents they ask for. I have sent them a copy of my personal receipt for their hosting that they sent me, new email address, snail-mail address and phone number and a color copy of my drivers license. Also DNS info on two of the domains I own,and one that I don’t own, but I am listed as Admin and Technical contact. No moves forward, but I’m still trying. Now they want a copy of my personal utility bill, which seems intrusive to me. Why do they need that? I’m in touch (?) with a brick wall. Worst “customer service” I have ever had in my long life. I know you are not affiliated with Bluehost, you are volunteers for this WordPress.org support forum. However, does anybody out there have any idea where to go to get Bluehost to review the information I have sent them, and move ahead? Obviously I desperately need help. Thanks.

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