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WordPress fix Reply To: Log in issues

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by WordPress.org Forums », Dec 7, 2017.

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    It is very confusing. I have a wordpress username and password set up in 2009. (andersonmga – username) In the site I am currently working (singledigitgolf.com) in the username and password is somehow different- my set up I guess (MGAnderson – username). Then the site was not operating properly, I updated and was then unable to log in. Thinking that I forgot to note a password change, I went ahead and changed passwords. Come to find out, my site had two operational points of log in. One with just my site name – singledigitgolf.com, and another singledigitgolf.com.previewc40.carrierzone.com/. When logging in it was searching for both and ultimately let me in to neither. Now, both sites will open, and I can seemingly log in through the provider site control panel and wordpress installer. But when I get there, I can only see the dashboard – when I go to view the site – in singledigitgolf.com the edit bar is not visable at the top. Int SDG.previewc40.carrierzone I can see the bar but it is not functional to edit the site. All and all a cluster…. HELP please..

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