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WordPress fix Reply To: Javascript inserted at end of a page – hack?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by freester, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. freester


    Reply To: Javascript inserted at end of a page – hack?, by freester

    Hello. Hope you don’t mind but I just wanted to a ‘me too’ to this thread.

    Exactly the same JS as above added to the end of every post on my website.

    I restored a very recent backup. I had too many posts / pages to remove this manually.

    I had a look around and it looks like the exploit simply adds the script to the end of EVERY post_content row in the wp_posts table. If anyone has the SQL query mentioned above to remove the code from every db entry that would be helpful.

    To add to the comedy of errors last night I was attempting to follow the other info in this thread and general hardening suggestions on the codex and managed to get my IP blocked by my provider after some failed login attempts!

    I finally got back on this morning but had been hacked again – exactly the same exploit.

    This time I have

    1) Changed the WordPress db password
    2) Removed some old legacy wordpress db users
    3) Removed WordPress users and reset others passwords
    4) Removed / disabled some old unused plugins

    I’ll go through the rest of the info above. I’m on the latest 4.9.1 and all my plugins are up to date. I don’t believe remote db access is allowed by my ISP.

    Reply To: Javascript inserted at end of a page – hack?

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