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WordPress fix Reply To: Intruding, Unplaced and Unwelcome Links in Website Footer

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Balint Toth, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Balint Toth


    Reply To: Intruding, Unplaced and Unwelcome Links in Website Footer, by Balint Toth

    Hello @ejwsavage!

    I totally understand how important this is to be resolved…

    Just for a little bit of clarification, is your website hosted on wordpress.com, or you have it hosted at a hosting company, in other words it is a self-hosted site? What did you mean by “The subscription we have to WordPress should not allow for this kind of thing to happen”? What kind of subscription you are referring to?

    Also if you could let me know what is the theme you are using on the site, that would be awesome.

    It is possible the person who built the site, used a so-called “nulled theme”, sadly it is quite common. Basically there is a premium theme that somebody downloaded and got rid of the licensing functionality and put it up on the internet somewhere to be downloaded for free. Many people think this is wonderful, they can use a professional, expensive theme without paying a dime. But there is a catch. Most of the time these themes contain some hidden links that point to some website, similarly as you have noticed. When somebody puts up a WordPress website with this “hacked” nulled theme, Google will find these backlinks, so that unknown site will gain some value in SEO since there are countless websites linking back to it… If that is the case, will be pretty hard to get rid of them…

    Also I would like to ask, what kind of access do you have to your WordPress site? Do you have an Administrator user account? Do you have access to the website’s cPanel or FTP login credentials?

    Reply To: Intruding, Unplaced and Unwelcome Links in Website Footer

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