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WordPress fix Reply To: Importing users and verifying the details

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Xenos (xkon) Konstantinos, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Xenos (xkon) Konstantinos


    Reply To: Importing users and verifying the details, by Xenos (xkon) Konstantinos

    Hello, all of this is doable but the ways of doing it may vary depending your knowledge and how you want to deal with it. I can tell you the ‘idea’ of it and you can proceed as you like.

    First of all about the ‘first login’, the easiest way is to set up an extra user meta as a flag for that you could use add_user_meta(), get_user_meta(), and update_user_meta() on the process to read if it’s the 1 login or not and if not update it as they logged in already.

    So let’s say I’m login in for the 1st time, if yes you wp_redirect() me to the page with the form, or the page that I have to deal with changing my password etc ( usually the profile page ).

    Now for the forms themselves there are various plugins out there so you’ll have to do a search on your own to see exactly what fits your needs.

    Make sure though to do all these functions / checks / redirects on a custom plugin that you will built because that’s where they belong, they shouldn’t be bundled in the themes files.

    I hope this helps a bit at least with the broad idea of how it could be done.

    Reply To: Importing users and verifying the details

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