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WordPress fix Reply To: images in the media library are not showing

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by tikimojo, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. tikimojo


    Reply To: images in the media library are not showing, by tikimojo

    Well @fneergaard, I seem to be having something similar happening to me here too.

    Wordpress 4.9.4, Aveda, WooCommerce, Sensei, GravityForms, a few other things.

    I’m finishing up a site someone else started. Cloned the master copy to a new URL and started working away.

    Yesterday noticed that the Aveda font-driven icons the previous developer put in the menus and elsewhere had been replaced with garbage-y characters. Sent in a support request to Aveda about that, haven’t heard anything back yet.

    Then while working elsewhere in the site discovered that uploads to the media library wouldn’t throw any errors, but that the images never arrived on the site. From there I noticed that none of the images in the media library were showing up at all!

    Found a wordpress thread about a similar problem around 4.9.1, but it didn’t come to any kind of resolution other than downgrading to 4.8.

    Who else out there is having this kind of issue?

    Reply To: images in the media library are not showing

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