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WordPress fix Reply To: Image URL request from frontend

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Jan Dembowski, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Jan Dembowski


    Reply To: Image URL request from frontend, by Jan Dembowski

    They have told me that they are being advised by an “IT expert” and that I am wrong.

    They’re wrong.

    The Photon feature of the Jetpack plugin is loading a copy of your images to their content delivery network (CDN). That’s all that is and it’s perfectly normal, not a security issue in anyway. It’s not uploading anything to your backend, it is more accurate to state that your installation is informing the CDN to get a copy of those images via a URL rewrite.

    If the CDN has the image then they get that image from the CDN.

    If the CDN does not have that image, the CDN gets a copy from your site and then serves out that image from the CDN.

    It’s also something you can turn off if you choose but there really is no point in doing that. It’s a performance enhancement for most WordPress installations.

    Reply To: Image URL request from frontend

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