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WordPress fix Reply To: I need a SIMPLE site for one Vimeo video

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by paulwpxp, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. paulwpxp


    Reply To: I need a SIMPLE site for one Vimeo video, by paulwpxp

    Just focus on 2 things.

    Since you want the embedded vid to show widely, make sure choosing a theme that has wide content width. WP has a parameter called content width and it is set by theme’s function. This parameter is the max width of embedded content. This one is a bit tricky because most themes don’t indicate the content width parameter in theme’s description, need to go into theme’s function to find out and it’s not easy for none-coder. Sometimes we find a theme that we really like excepts the content width, we can also override this with our own function.


    The other thing is general WP setting. Any theme can be set as a simple one page (or a few pages) site. Just make a Page (not post) fill up the content and then set this page as static front home page.


    Create another page to be a contact page that you mentioned and the in the nav menu only put in this link to the content page and nothing else.

    Reply To: I need a SIMPLE site for one Vimeo video

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