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WordPress fix Reply To: I can’t get onto my webpage

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Kim White, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Kim White


    Reply To: I can’t get onto my webpage, by Kim White

    No worries, not dense, just something you have not faced yet

    You need to connect to your web server via FTP (file transfer protocol). One of the most popular programs you can use for this is called FileZilla. If you once upon a time installed WordPress with a one-click from your hosting provider, then it’s possible that you never before have even touched FTP.

    The connection details for your web server that you need to enter into FileZilla will be somewhere in the information from your web host.

    I can see your host is 1&1 hosting. I know they have their own management panel so I can’t say where to find the login info, but I do recall they have ok phone support so maybe you can call them.

    When I type “how to get my FTP info from 1&1 hosting” into google I did get some instructions that might help to get the info.

    SOME host admin areas have a “file manager”… you could change the file name there also.

    Changing a folder name on the server is similar to changing a folder name on your computer. The new part for you is connecting to the server (which is just the computer your website lives on). Something we all had to learn at one time when we broke something. But once you know how is very handy for other things.

    I hope something here can help you.

    Reply To: I can’t get onto my webpage

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