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WordPress fix Reply To: I can’t access my posts

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by teresm, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. teresm


    Reply To: I can’t access my posts, by teresm

    Hi @t-p,

    Many thanks for your help. I tried your solution, but it didn’t work:

    1) I changed my permalink structure, from “Day and name” to “Plain”.
    2) The url of my BLOG main page changed from “http://lallibretavermella.cat/blog” to “http://lallibretavermella.cat/?page_id=290”
    3) I renamed .htaccess file to “1.htaccess” on FTP.

    I tried to access “http://lallibretavermella.cat/?page_id=290”, but a blank page appeared and it said: “Not Found – The requested URL /api/v1/account/login was not found on this server.” To solve this, I renamed again the file on FTP to “.htaccess”.

    I tried to access again “http://lallibretavermella.cat/?page_id=290” but it didn’t work: the site “tried” to load my BLOG main page, I previsualised it but, suddenly, “it changed its mind” and the previsualized page disappeared. Before trying your solution, I used to be redirected to “http://lallibretavermella.cat/api/v1/account/login” and saw the error “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it? It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for.” Now, I’m redirected to same url (http://lallibretavermella.cat/api/v1/account/login) but insted of seeing and error, I see my SITE main page (the same page I see when I visit: http://lallibretavermella.cat).

    Do you know what more could I try? Many thanks for your help.

    Reply To: I can’t access my posts

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