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WordPress fix Reply To: HTTP 500 Error on every page – nothing is helping!

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Jackie McBride, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Jackie McBride


    Reply To: HTTP 500 Error on every page – nothing is helping!, by Jackie McBride

    Chembuddy, how large is your database, do you know? Do you have shared, vps, or dedicated hosting?

    I advise that you first back up your database using either PhpMyAdmin or similar, or conversely, the command line. You should also back up any user-generated content, ie, images, documents, etc, as well as any purchased plugins or themes. It might be instructive to download the database & examine it in a text editor that can accommodate large files. This might reveal large numbers of unnecessary entries that can safely be deleted, thereby reducing the database to a more manageable size. Sometimes plugins just inundate the database w/stuff that can be deleted, especially if the plugin has been uninstalled.

    This can also be caused by a broken theme. You might wish to try renaming your active theme folder & then try logging in. If you can, then changing and/or reinstalling the teme is likely the solution, though if the theme is outdated, changing is likely the better option. Also try renaming your plugins folder by adding a 1 or .old to the end of the folder name & trying to log in. If it works, then you may wish to rename the plugins folder back, then go through each folder in the plugins folder & rename them, except for 1, ie, Akismet, for example, which is core. Then rename the folders, back to their original names, 1 at a time, & try to access the site after each rename. If you rename a folder back to its original & you can’t log back in, you know you’ve found the problem. Once you log in, try to access the homepage. If you cannot, then change the theme to a default theme (they begin w/the word ‘twenty’).

    Hopefully this provides at least a few ideas. Truthfully, the error regarding character encoding might suggest a broken theme.

    Reply To: HTTP 500 Error on every page – nothing is helping!

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