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WordPress fix Reply To: HTML Code to Increase image link

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by dzamelt, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. dzamelt


    Reply To: HTML Code to Increase image link, by dzamelt

    Hey, okay thank you, yea I could probably make the css changes via the site origins plugin which stands me a chance of saving time, although i’m pretty happy with what i just achieved for now, although again would like to know css/html a bit better!

    Yeah for what it’s worth I may as well list what I need support with while searching for the appropriate support forums, its like a jungle out there! I have already listed a couple of things on github to theme designer but had no reply as yet.

    1. Is there anyway that you or a theme user can stop the navigation/menu boxes from highlighting (= red box) when pointer hovers over? Same is true for footer items and also some images. (Wouldn’t mind a change of colour or brightness etc).

    2. Is there anyway to make the drop down menus respond smoother when hovering pointer over? So basically any general changes to make the site more fluid.

    3. At the end of a post where you get the arrows < previous / Next > – etc I’d like more autonomy in when and where they appear. Some places i’d prefer there not to be an option, other places I’d like them to lead onto particular posts and not in a sequential order as such.

    4. Next up, I’d like to know how to / know the code for a) applying a ‘read more’ link, so for example longer posts could be shortened in places, but with the option of reading more if so the reader prefers; and b) where a link will not only take the reader to another page, but to a particular paragraph, either on the same page or another one.

    5. I’ve kind have forgot how to set up an addon site, although I’m not far off. I think instead of creating a new folder in ‘public folder’ called for example: Medicinal Teas (http://medicinalteas.co.uk/wp/+) – maybe i just need to install another version of wordpress for the addon site, although won’t it conflict with existing installation – the other alternative is to enable multiple site function within wordpress opposed to having separate ones but seems a bit too complex from tutorials i’ve seem so far, but i’m guessing would take up less space.


    Thanks a lot – I’ve basically added a few more longstanding queries I’ve had here or have attempted to get help on or study up etc. So will use this as a catalogue – but yeahhh would be fantastic if you or flok/here could help me resolve some of the above etc.

    Kind regards, ds

    Reply To: HTML Code to Increase image link

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