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WordPress fix Reply To: How to migrate to a new wordpress theme

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Shannon @ Oley Media, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Shannon @ Oley Media


    Reply To: How to migrate to a new wordpress theme, by Shannon @ Oley Media Group

    >> 1. With all the updates made via “Customize” & “Theme Options”

    They will be lost because they don’t even exist yet on the live site! If I create settings and config on a test site and then install the theme over on another site – all the customiser and theme options do not magically get copied across – you need to manually reenter them all…

    >> 2. With all the new images added to pages/posts/media library

    Yes, but they don’t magically come across with the theme!!! They all need to be added into the Media Library and then linked to in the pages and code…

    >> 3. With all latest updated plugins in dev

    A wordpress website is not “just a theme” – its the media files, the coding, the plugins!!! If plugins are configured on test site using version x and then copied over to live site which is using version y – there will be incompatibility. OR if new plugins are added to the test site, they are not added to the live site magically!

    >> 4. With all the new widgets and information entered on dev

    Hello? Yes I know that – That’s the entire purpose of this thread – how do I do it efficiently without killing the website for an hour!!!

    >> 5. All the new menu configurations from dev

    Themes label and use settings differently – they label them differently and include them differently. Just copying over a theme doesn’t automatically assume the old theme settings.

    It’s almost as if you didn’t bother reading the thread and then just responded assuming all sites are the same!!! I get it – you’ve taken the use of the word “theme” and instead of interpreting it for what it was intended, you’ve taken it literally and then proceeded to try and point out how a theme is different to a site – please stop wasting peoples time – I don’t need an education in the intricacies of wording – I just care about resolving my issue which you effectively just killed by hijacking the thread and providing completely and utterly useless information (on purpose I’m sure so you can spruik your superiority) … Congratulations! You’re the smartest person on here…

    Thanks for wasting my time and making sure nobody else interacts with the thread providing useful, relevant feedback!

    Reply To: How to migrate to a new wordpress theme

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