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WordPress fix Reply To: How to find and delete backdoor PHP/ccqqji.

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Jackie McBride, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Jackie McBride


    Reply To: How to find and delete backdoor PHP/ccqqji., by Jackie McBride

    angelwp, is this a multisite installation or just multiple single sites? We need to know that, as instructions will differ accordingly.

    You’re more than welcome & indeed encouraged to help here. It’s especially important in the polyglot community, & you’d be a natural. &, if you ever ran into anything you need help with, just pm me on the WordPress Slack channel, & I’ll do what I can to assist. That way, you won’t feel you’re out there all by yourself. That can feel a little scary when you’re new. Before too long, you won’t need anyone. But when you’re just starting, it’s nice to know there’s someone around you can ping if you feel the need.

    We meet on the Slack channel on Thursdays at 1600 UCT. You’re welcome to attend those meetings also. There are lots of nice folks there who can help you as well. It’s a great community, & I’ve met a lot of superb folks in the course of my involvement, yourself included.

    Reply To: How to find and delete backdoor PHP/ccqqji.

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