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WordPress fix Reply To: Home page always redirects to subfolder

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by dave517, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. dave517


    Reply To: Home page always redirects to subfolder, by dave517


    Thanks for your replies.

    So first I installed my WP in the root directory, but then I wanted to move it to root/test, because I wanted people who access the site example.com to be redirected to a FB page. And I wanted to able to keep developing the site on the address example.com/test.

    So I copied everything from root to the subfolder, with changing information in WP settings and also htaccess. But I found out, that it’s not really possible to redirect people from example.com to FB page and have a functioning site on example.com/test (or at least I wasn’t able to do it). So I wanted to reverse everything.

    I copied the content from the subfolder to the root, tried to set back everything (WP settings, htaccess) and I also added a rule to htaccess which redirects all the IPs to the FB page, except mine. But still after that, the homepage wasn’t really showing.

    Then I tried it on my different notebook. Lo and behold, it was working there. Thanks to that I figured out, that probably I needed to clear my cache. After doing that it is now working just fine.

    After all it seems like I did everything right regarding the migration of the site (thanks Google!), but clearing the cache on my notebook was the culprit.

    Anyway, thanks for your help, guys!

    Have a nice day!

    Reply To: Home page always redirects to subfolder

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