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WordPress fix Reply To: Google code added to my WordPresss

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Sabinooo, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Sabinooo


    Reply To: Google code added to my WordPresss, by Sabinooo

    The “hopefully” answer, as Clayton mentioned, is that it’s part of a theme or plugin you installed.
    Adding advertisements (yeah: “googleadservices”) to a website without approval is evil so I would suspect you either took plugins from a fishy source, or took a theme from a non-official theme repository. (There are theme unreliable but pretty good in terms of SEO repositories that take free themes, and re-share them with their own tiny little additions such as ad blocks or “hidden” – as in: encoded, not plain html – footer links. Check your theme’s name, and see if your installation source is really the original creator of the theme or wordpres’ss own legit repo.)

    The “ouch” answer would be a hack, but that’s unlikely, who would hack just to add a lame google ads code.

    You can do the usual, switch to another theme that you’ve chosen from the wordpress.org theme repo (just do a search for themes from within your blog admin, choose one of the official default themes). No dice? Then one by one, deactivate your plugins, see if it’s still here, etc…

    Reply To: Google code added to my WordPresss

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