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WordPress fix Reply To: GCLID not from Chrome Browser

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by dgallegos, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. dgallegos


    Reply To: GCLID not from Chrome Browser, by dgallegos

    Joe thanks for your reply. The GCLID was being captured in a GCLID hidden field set to populate dynamically, which was working from Chrome submission of the form.

    The odd thing was that this field was not being populated from other browsers. However, the additional GCLID captured in the SEM Values section was populated on every entry. I am unsure of the difference between SEM Values and the hidden GCLID.

    The hidden GCLID was the field that was mapped to Salesforce.The odd part is after setting up mapping to an additional Salesforce field to map the SEM Value GCLID the hidden GCLID began to capture all GCLID regardless of browser.

    It seems as if the Salesforce sync needed to be re-established to map the SEM Value to Salesforce unexplainably “fixed” the hidden GCLID. Looking at the form entries a very small percentage of 2400 have the hidden GCLID populated but all SEM Value GCLID has an entry.

    I’m confused on why this started working and what the difference is between the two GCLID captures.

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