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WordPress fix Reply To: Gallerys not showing on page

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Alok Shrestha, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Alok Shrestha


    Reply To: Gallerys not showing on page, by Alok Shrestha

    Hi @southlakeas,

    I am sorry you are experiencing this issue. And it is hard to reply just based on what you have mentioned above. This could be anything. Nevermind. We’ll definitely come to a solution once we figure out what actually went wrong.

    Can you reply to some of my questions below, like:
    #1. Did you update any plugin? Because updating plugin will overwrite and might change what was earlier before?
    #2. I suppose the gallery you mentioned is a custom post type, am I right? If you are not familiar with custom post type please see the link here.
    #3. Can you tell me the version of your WordPress? You can find the version at the bottom right corner of your dashboard once you login. Current WordPress version is 4.9.4.

    If you are not clear about my questions, do not hesitate to ask again. Would be delighted to get your feedback.
    Thank you.

    Reply To: Gallerys not showing on page

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