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WordPress fix Reply To: Fun Funky quirky themes?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by gorx, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. gorx


    Reply To: Fun Funky quirky themes?, by gorx

    Good advice!
    I simply prefer as much as possible having plugins be what a website can do. And themes what it looks like.
    On the other hand as you remind me (pls correct me that i’m wrong), the blue print were bits and pieces of a theme do is simply a good idea.

    For feel: Fun, funky, quirky, lighthearted, and playful.

    Lay out: I tend to like basic oldfation ‘Fluid’ type themes. For example. I love starting with the fun “Adventure journal” theme, realy reely like that style of layout, nice and easy (to me anyway) font, and not particularly fancy.

    The nonproffit is still in very early stages. But I think will have a kind of quirky cantina thing. (Kid friendly thought).

    What want in a theme: and again if others have ideas by all meens. I want something with a basic mavbar. on the top a few catagories where to go in the site, trying to avoid people digging to find news. updates, how to donate. and where to find a brick and morter place, I think I want it to be fluid in that such that someone on a laptop or screen size I simply don’t have. It’ll still work fine. As my PHP skills are minimal some tweaks and customizations to taste or needs of the nonproffit. Place well with google fonts (a plugin can help here mabie). So as as concrete example the news section can have crisp simple font for headers, and a slightly bolder font for pargraphs. If possible also have it have background colors and pictures.

    Colore and theme of the them: I had pictured kind a nice mix of oak and wood colors or textures for posts. And nice fun pastels for headers.

    Does that help make what I’m picturing make more sense? Opinions?
    or are saying: uh please have some tea or coffe that post was as clear as mud.

    I realy reely like how tweak-able ‘Nirvana’ and ‘customizr'(sp) the layouts simply didn’t quite fit though. I looked briefly at ‘Material'(?) the one I’m thinking of had a realy nice plaful set of pastel colors and a fun fluid lay out. But didn’t have a simple navbar either on the top or side. I may simply have missed that.

    Thinking about this as I type: I simply don’t know. Does wordpress now have a way to say: hmm lets try different kinds of navbars now. I keep coming back to that because I want it to fun and simple to use the website.

    Just trying to help people with opinions on themes to try. ^_^

    Reply To: Fun Funky quirky themes?

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