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WordPress fix Reply To: Fatal error In ‘WP_Customize_Themes_Panel’ on line 4784

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by bcworkz, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. bcworkz


    Reply To: Fatal error In ‘WP_Customize_Themes_Panel’ on line 4784, by bcworkz

    Did you have a theme called “Launch” or similar set as the current theme? Or at least a theme whose slug is “launch”? Confirm the folder is indeed missing and the error is not due to a permissions error. You maybe removed this folder during the re-install process? It should have remained because it is not part of the WP download package. If it’s missing, you’ll need to re-upload the theme files into the wp-content/themes/launch/ folder.

    Reply To: Fatal error In ‘WP_Customize_Themes_Panel’ on line 4784

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