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WordPress fix Reply To: Export Users with passwords

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by paralleljames, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. paralleljames


    Reply To: Export Users with passwords, by paralleljames

    Hi Pat,

    I am unable to find a plugin that does this

    I personally would do this direct in SQL and at a guess PHPMyAdmin.

    If you export the tables, this can be imported into the SQL of the new site.
    The MD5 hashes won’t be changed so the passwords will remain secure and the same as presently.

    Before importing the data into the table you will need to check that none of the existing user ID’s exist. If they do one of the sets will need amending, at minimum this will be your administrator login user ID 1.

    If other users have been added directly onto this installation they will have user ID’s that depending on how you import the data will be overriden or not imported.

    If this is outside your technical expertise, it would be best to hire a SQL/WP Expert that would be able to perform this, it shouldnt be more than a hours work, but would depend on data within the tables.

    Reply To: Export Users with passwords

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