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WordPress fix Reply To: Experience with Plugin “OfficeWP “

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by saradyson, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. saradyson


    Reply To: Experience with Plugin “OfficeWP “, by saradyson

    Yes, I have had a similar experience.

    We installed and configured the plugin, but experienced multiple bugs including:

    • Email notifications are not working –>This is a critical feature and yet it doesn’t work consistently. Instead of all members being notified, only one will get notified. Same for admin notifications. In some cases, notifications don’t go out at all. Notified OfficeWP with no response and it’s been 5 weeks.
    • If a user enters an incorrect password, they were routed to a vague error page instead of just getting an error message that the password was incorrect. I implemented a hard fix, but also requested they permanently fix in the plugin. I got a response that they couldn’t duplicate the issue. I had to reiterate that was because I fixed the issue and that we were requesting they make the fix in the plugin. No response after that and it’s been 3 weeks.
    • The shortcodes used to pull in files were not working properly. File categories that were excluded from showing on a page using the shortcode were showing regardless. No response and it’s been 5 weeks.

    I’ve followed up on all 3 tickets and sent two emails to their generic contact email and gotten no response. It seems clear that they are no longer maintaining or supporting the plugin, which means this plugin is a SCAM.

    If you are considering OfficeWP, look elsewhere and do not buy this plugin.

    Reply To: Experience with Plugin “OfficeWP “

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