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WordPress fix Reply To: establishing a database connection error

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Mateus Getulio Vieira, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Mateus Getulio Vieira


    Reply To: establishing a database connection error, by Mateus Getulio Vieira

    When you did this test, installing the WordPress again, you did it using the zip file from https://wordpress.org/download/ or by the host panel?

    Godaddy, just like other servers, has its own versions of WordPress which you can install with one click.
    Sometimes these versions already came customized, and it could also include a specific encryption.

    If you do a standard installation, using the zip file instead, you’ll notice that there’s no special database password encryption in the wp-config.php.

    Alternatively, one thing you could try to do is to:
    -Create a new “fake” installation from the panel using the password you want(just to force it creates a valid wp-config file containing this password already encrypted).
    -Change the other database information in this new file if necessary, just to match the main site database information.
    -Replace the old wp-config.php with this new one generated (do a backup first).

    Reply To: establishing a database connection error

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