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WordPress fix Reply To: establishing a database connection error

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Mateus Getulio Vieira, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Mateus Getulio Vieira


    Reply To: establishing a database connection error, by Mateus Getulio Vieira

    For what I know this keys+salts section is part of the WordPress Security Key System, which is designed to protect cookie data.

    In summary, when a user logs in, it is created a cookie entry to remember that user session. A hashed(MD5 if I remember it right) version of this User’s password is stored within the cookie.

    The Security Key was developed to make this system even safer than an usual hash password, by adding a combination of four salts and four extra keys to it. But apparently it doesn’t affect the login itself.

    However, it’s like you said, you know the old password and this is an encrypted version of it, which probably means that not only this end(wp-config.php) was changed but also the point where the login is made, in this case probably in the wp-login.php file.

    What you could do here is to compare your wp-login.php file with a version coming directly from a new WordPress installation zip file, this way it will get easier to check which encrypt method your WordPress installation is using and then apply it to the new password.

    Obs.: I did a basic check out on this old password just to see if it would match a well-known encrypt format but the system couldn’t match it against no popular hash format.

    Reply To: establishing a database connection error

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