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WordPress fix Reply To: Error when I am using PHP 7.2

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Xenos (xkon) Konstantinos, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Xenos (xkon) Konstantinos


    Reply To: Error when I am using PHP 7.2, by Xenos (xkon) Konstantinos

    This issue was brought up in Trac Issue 43201 and has been fixed as it seems, but it will be implemented on the next update.

    Now to fix it you’ll either have to:

    1] Fall back into a previous PHP version to see if it is ok until the update arrives if possible.

    2] (This is not usually the way to do things or propose, as tampering with core files can easily break things bu in your case I don’t see another option) Edit the media.php file on line 1206 and change:


    if ( ! $src_matched || count( $sources ) < 2 ) {


    if ( ! $src_matched || ! is_array( $sources ) || count( $sources ) < 2 ) {

    Make sure to keep a backup of your media.php in either way to be safe.

    Reply To: Error when I am using PHP 7.2

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