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WordPress fix Reply To: Error loading Database.

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by felixabayomi, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. felixabayomi


    Reply To: Error loading Database., by felixabayomi

    Dear Steve,

    Please find below the reply of our website host. They are saying our website database error is not a database issue and suggesting we might have to rebuild the website over again. Please, this will greatly hurt our organization and brand. Is there anything you can do to help us from WordPress?

    Dear Oluwole,

    Thank you for writing back. Sincere apologies for the issue you are currently experiencing. We are unhappy to see your website load the database error, we really wish there is was a way to assist with the situation. I checked with the response you got from WordPress and I checked to see if it was an issue with table repair as stated by WordPress but obviously, it is not. You can see this in the result of the check I ran on the database table as seen in http://prntscr.com/iz4jt9

    So bad you do not have a backup for your website which we can check with. As I have mentioned in an earlier conversation with you, I have checked with the weekly backup of your account that we have but the issue seems to have occurred before the backup was taken on the 23rd March 2018. In the case where you have moved your website from your local system sometime before, maybe during the developmental stage of your website, you can also check if the database file for that still exists.

    Also, if the website was once designed via wordpress.com at some point in time, Kindly check if you will still be able to access the databases on their own end. Unfortunately, without any backup, there is nothing we can do regarding the issue. You might have to go ahead and rebuild your website.

    We hope to get a feedback from you soon. once again, sincere apologies for the issue you re currently experiencing.


    Reply To: Error loading Database.

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