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WordPress fix Reply To: Error 404 (When load page)

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by vincek1, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. vincek1


    Reply To: Error 404 (When load page), by vincek1

    Hello Joao,

    I apologize if this is an obvious question that all the support teams you contacted already asked you about, but since you did not mention the clearing of any caches, are you sure that all those who tested had completely clear browser caches? The fact that it always loads successfully in an anonymous/private browser session in Chrome and Firefox usually points to a browser cache issue. There’s no telling what your browser’s cache is saving even when you think you’re doing a hard-refresh of the page. This goes for your other test subjects too. That’s why an anonymous browser session is usually the best way to test brand-new visit behavior.

    I also tested with a proxy browser, which is similar to an anonymous browser session but from a different server/network: https://kproxy.com and the site did not have any 404 errors loading from the proxy browser.

    If you feel you have sufficiently cleared the browser cache, I would also check into Flushing DNS cache in case there were any recent DNS changes that mean a change of IP address, pointing to an old server location, and installing a completely different browser you’ve never used before. Here is a guide on flushing DNS:

    Hope this helps!
    – Vince

    Reply To: Error 404 (When load page)

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