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WordPress fix Reply To: email reminder addon

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by redraider90, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. redraider90


    Reply To: email reminder addon, by redraider90

    Sorry, yes. I bought the Hobbyist version of WordPress last week with the Email Reminder Add-on. In configuring it, I noticed our default from email address for our group. That looks fine, and so I am under the impression they’ll get the bounceback for invalid email addresses, once the reminder gets triggered.

    Now, on another note, I seem to be encountering trouble there, as anything I’ve attempted in configuring a trigger doesn’t seem to be firing off to shoot out the reminders. We have a subscription service, and on that level subscription with status expired I tried to configure it a couple of days after expiration. Some of these folks have not renewed in over a year, but either way, no reminders seem to have been sent out at all. I have tried 12 days, 7 weeks, 14 months, different things and none has triggered an email reminder yet.

    I even went and did a mass update to the DB on expiration dates to something like 2018-03-01 and then to 2 days to see if I could get it to trigger, and it has not.
    I’m struggling to find forum support or other deep dive documentation on it (that I haven’t followed instructions on) to see how to effectively troubleshoot it!
    I welcome any feedback here, though, if others have experimented with this!

    Reply To: email reminder addon

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