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WordPress fix Reply To: Element style not allowed as child of element div in this context

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by nicopointcom, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. nicopointcom


    Reply To: Element style not allowed as child of element div in this context, by nicopointcom

    Hi David,

    “those silly validators.” > haha

    Thanks for your answer, its so great to be in wordpress.org and find (many times) good support and advises.

    To be brief, yeah i knew what you explain in your first paragraph, and for this case especialy, with my knowledge, its tottaly impossible to put this element style in the header, cause thoses css customisations are and will stay in the body (in the wordpress custom css personalisations).Maybe i’am worng but i think its because of thoses simples css modifications that errors markup appears in W3C.
    If its because of the galleries shortcodes, then its worst cause galleries MUST be in the body…

    So for this error markup i guess i have to leave it out… and wait for html6 to see what happend ….

    Its easy to understand that we have many non-sens in html’checkers, cause they’re always changing as you said. (thanks for your stackoverflow link btw)
    >Your comments reassured me.

    To check the website speed/standards/quality etc.. we can see also many differents results depending of the tools check.
    That’s very impressive and frustrating when you try to learn web-building/design…

    I have very good result on tools.pingdom.com and gtmetrix.com for example but awful results (60 to 80% max) on google pagespeedinsights …

    That is again very frustrating, cause you don’t know what exactely you can trust…

    I have fallowed a nice tutorial for wordpress to have 100% at google pageinsights (with installation of 4/5 plugins and make strong parameters) and the results on google speed was here (98%)… BUT…when i checked my websites on browsers, they were 25% more “slow” and heavy than before …. f***

    That’s why for google speed i will also forget for this time… and maybe for ever.

    Maybe there is not yet a true and objective tool’s checker, who can give you an objective result… You have to compose with many “minitools”.
    Tell me if i’m wrong with this comprehension

    For the record of W3C, i had to correct all issues to show to my theme’s builder that one bigger issue came from his template, not from teh html markup… But i am fine with that now cause the big issue was fixed, and i just wanted to have a perfect no error markup at W3C …

    Reply To: Element style not allowed as child of element div in this context

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