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WordPress fix Reply To: Editing Box Color Changed

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by pasqualerose, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. pasqualerose


    Reply To: Editing Box Color Changed, by pasqualerose

    Thanks for your input Aravinda.

    You are trying to write all your content in a particular text-color which is a lighter color.

    Since you have a white background on the editor, you are facing issue.

    Yes, I know that. That is the issue. I am trying to find out why that problem exists. The color of the editing box wasn’t always that way. I wrote above that my editing box color,

    used to be the same color as my site, but now it’s white.

    I am wonder what would cause the color to change and how to fix it.

    Write down all content with text in black. Then select sections of content that you want to change text color and give your desired color.

    Yes, I previously tried that workaround, but it is ineffective. It really does not fix the problem, but works around it. There are 2 issue with this workaround. 1) Is that the color of text on the site is not listed as text color option in the WordPress editor. Once I change it to black I cannot change it back to the previous color, since it is not listed as an option. 2) This workaround creates several extra steps to change the color between black and another color. Every time I make an edit and want to view it I have to go back and forth. It’s not very effective.

    But what I really want to know is what would cause the color changed in the first place and more importantly, how can I change the text color back to what it should be.

    Reply To: Editing Box Color Changed

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