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WordPress fix Reply To: Downloadable with expiry date by client

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Peter Hardy-vanDoorn, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Peter Hardy-vanDoorn


    Reply To: Downloadable with expiry date by client, by Peter Hardy-vanDoorn

    Since you don’t want the customer to create their own accounts, there’s no need for the Subscriptions plugin. You can turn off WordPress’ built-in account and add users and assign membership plans manually.

    To be frank, the site I developed required quite a bit of customisation to disguise all of the WooCommerce backend, but that’s the beauty of WC’s software – it’s very customisable and fairly easy to find what you need to change with a Google search or two.

    Have a look at the site: https://www.macro-advisory.com. Obviously I can’t give you a customer or admin login, but you’ll see that “Shop” has become “Library”, “Product” has become “Document” and “Tag” has become “Theme”. Each product has a description (so good for Google) but you can’t access it unless you’re a logged-in client. If you were logged in, with an active membership, the “Add to cart” button has become “Access document” and, with a little code, when it’s clicked it’s automatically “purchased” (although the price is 0) and the download link is displayed on the screen, as well as an email being sent for the client’s records.

    The client didn’t require categories that expire, but I do know that you can create different memberships that limit which categories can be accessed, so I don’t see why that shouldn’t be possible.

    Note to forum admins: I hope the link above is acceptable. I’m not touting for business, just giving an example of what is possible!

    Reply To: Downloadable with expiry date by client

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