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WordPress fix Reply To: delete wordpress automatic nofollow filter -plugin

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by CoolDavidoff, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. CoolDavidoff


    Reply To: delete wordpress automatic nofollow filter -plugin, by CoolDavidoff

    I feel I should reinforce the urgency for wordpress programmers to reconsider the “recent” foolish addition of “nofollow”, and then of “noopener”, to EVERY link, and DELETE that nonsense.

    Why reinforce the urgency today?
    After wp’s most recent update (thank you again, I for one truly appreciate you always keep wp up-to-date)
    … as a one-off I FORGOT to implement my hack into wp-includes/default-filters.php
    … and promptly wp quietly behind the scenes added “nofollow” to every single admin’s comment!

    Doesn’t anyone here, or in the wp programmers ivory tower(?), realize…
    … how DESTRUCTIVE this if for SEO, if you can’t merely apply common sense?

    Common sense tells us: When we put an internal link in our comment, to help users find their way on our site(!!!!), it is the utmost biggest stupidity to have wp quietly add “nofollow” to every link!

    That is misdirected anarchy, not smart programming, guys.

    Get rid of that. Now. You cannot truly want that every informed and thus upset wp user HACKS wp-includes/default-filters.php after EVERY update in order to get rid of that sickness, do you?


    Reply To: delete wordpress automatic nofollow filter -plugin

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