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WordPress fix Reply To: Customizer not working, can’t edit site…

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Jackie McBride, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. Jackie McBride


    Reply To: Customizer not working, can’t edit site…, by Jackie McBride

    It’s ok. You won’t learn if you don’t ask, & the only stupid question is the 1 you didn’t ask but wanted to.

    Just activate the Authentic theme (not the child) from your dashboard & try to customize it. If that works, then we know the child theme is at fault. If not, then please try switching temporarily to a default WordPress theme & repeat.

    There are *a lot* of things that can cause these sorts of problems–anything from a conflict between a WordPress theme or plugin to a hosting issue. The first step in the process is to narrow down the cause. Once we’ve done that, fixing things becomes a whole lot easier. I hope my thought process makes sense here. It’s very much like a doctor arriving at a diagnosis in order to be able to render treatment.

    You write really well, BTW.

    Reply To: Customizer not working, can’t edit site…

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