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WordPress fix Reply To: Customizer error

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Vajrasar Goswami, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. Vajrasar Goswami


    Reply To: Customizer error, by Vajrasar Goswami

    Hi @hurky195

    I can understand how frustrating it could be to have a problem with no specific description.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone would be able to help you on this unless they can see the problem first-hand. I see that you’ve asked this on multiple forums but you’ve not yet received any answer.

    If I were in your shoes, I’d enable debug mode to ON in wp-config.php and also would disable all the plugins. Then I’d watch the errors/warnings that appear when that specific action happens. Also, you can keep a watch on error log for any additional information on the error.

    Just to take a guess, you should also look into the directory permission for the root files in the WordPress install on the server. Maybe AJAX is not being called and your changes are failing to save for the same reason.

    Best of luck.

    Reply To: Customizer error

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