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WordPress fix Reply To: CSS weird bug

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by josipwp, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. josipwp


    Reply To: CSS weird bug, by josipwp

    Dear James,

    So, I have tried to erase my double site from cPanel (somehow I have double site copied, have no idea who did that…), and I did delete it successfully. So, I deleted first my sailboatrc.com folder and then I saw how that messed up my site (Shop not working), so I used backup, and in next turn I deleted the second copied site and saw how that messed up my site (404 error). Once I edited .htaccess file to default WordPress code, and once I copied the plugins folder which had that one file missing (or was corrupted) – that was messing up my shop page, I had http://www.sailboatrc.com link working excellent and with it my Shop page was working great. I was so happy, finally, I copied healthy plugins folder instead of the corrupted one, and I have deleted double site inside my host data, and my www. link was working great! That lasted for about a day, and then again somehow my Shop got messed up, and I only remember that I updated some plugins in the meanwhile. So I am back to square one again, I used backup again…
    Does that mean that I will run on old plugins now? If it does, wouldn’t that slow my page down in future and even cause security issues in future?

    Reply To: CSS weird bug

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