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WordPress fix Reply To: Copy/paste Excel data to a page and retain formatting

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by BillHam, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. BillHam


    Reply To: Copy/paste Excel data to a page and retain formatting, by BillHam

    Hi bcworkz. Aha! Saracasm – I like it.

    Anyway, I appreciate the time you took to respond and I take on board the reasonings in your second paragraph. Looks like I shouldn’t be holding my breath, then.

    As for your third paragraph and accusations of living in the past, yes I have to hold up my hand on that. The underlying tables which are transferred from Excel (and in a couple of cases, Word) are maintained in legacy files so far removed from a website as can be imagined. There is quite a lot of VBA macro activity too. My task as site administrator is to transfer tables to my site so that a wider public can have access to them. Up to now, that’s been straightforward and dead easy. It’s for a target shooting sports organisation and shooting is a sport based on numbers (scores) and statistics (averages) and lists of competitors and their scores are commonplace. Holding that kind of data in Excel is the logical place. Some tables are historical archives and only get updated once a year to add one row with the latest information. Some tables are a little more dynamic and need to be changed weekly or so. Some (quite a lot) are converted to PDF files, uploaded and linked-to.

    I completely understand your arguments about moving on with the technology and the existing data schema. Unfortunatly it is well beyond my competence (or that of anyone I know of in the organisation) to maintain all the data in a WP database (it would have to be many databases). I used to be a professional programmer in a former life but VBA is my limit and do not intend to start learning PHP or SQL or whatever would be required at this stage. Rudimentary HTML is as far as I’m going with this and CSS is a closed book at least so far. WP was meant to be an easy option. Hiring a professional to set it all up is out of the question due to lack of funds and even if we had a few £K’s available the management committee are liable to say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. And I’m stuck with it.

    So, looks like I’m recreating an obsolete website as a not-quite-so-obsolete one. Better than doing nothing though.

    Reply To: Copy/paste Excel data to a page and retain formatting

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