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WordPress fix Reply To: Comfortable way of adding pictures

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by paulwpxp, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. paulwpxp


    Reply To: Comfortable way of adding pictures, by paulwpxp

    Your front home page is now a page with uploaded images aligned in masonry grid fashion, but what you need is an archive page (a page contain list of posts) that show post’s feature image (in WP also called post thumbnail) aligned in mansonry style.

    This is the demo page of the theme you are using

    and as expected this theme’s archive page already have that masonry thing going on. All we need to do is to set up the front home page to display posts (archive of posts), and make sure each post has image assigned as post thumbnail.

    Also i tried posting pictures as a posts, but then there are silly blocks for description.

    There is some extra works on CSS to make your theme look like your example site. In this case, just display:none the post content so it shows only image, and maybe some adjustments on gutter (margin) between images.

    Since this is not a theme hosted here, you need to ask support question directly where you get the theme from. See to it that there might be option to display post in archive that show only post image, if there is no such option then you have to use some extra CSS like I mentioned (this method is easier than to override template file).

    Reply To: Comfortable way of adding pictures

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