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WordPress fix Reply To: Code Editor Fails on vanilla install

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by studio1337, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. studio1337


    Reply To: Code Editor Fails on vanilla install, by studio1337

    Spoke too soon. The issue is resolved, but it’s not related to that search form issue. Apparently, the editor makes a remote call of some kind (not sure what – I’m too tired to trace it through the network), and because we’re blocking the public from viewing the site unless they cookie in first, the editor is blocked. I put together a script that looks for a cookie you set by visiting the domain using a specific query string. This way, the public sees a blank page, but someone with the correct link is cookied in and can see the site.

    Apparently, this does not play nice with the new editor. Once I set the cookie (it’s only necessary for the front end, not the admin dashboard), the editor stopped messing up.

    The good news is that this particular issue is limited to just me, and it’s resolved. The bad(ish) news is that it makes me wonder what else might make the editor go sideways like that – htaccess on a domain? Some other method of view control?

    Either way, we’re good now! It’s NOT the search form – it was a cookie issue.

    Reply To: Code Editor Fails on vanilla install

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